Classic Manicure $20

Basic manicure with lotion massage & cuticle work. Finish with regular polish of choice.
(Paraffin wax +5)

Gel Manicure $35

A classic manicure with a gel polish of choice which lasts much longer than regular polish and has higher resistance to damages.

Regular Artificial Nails Set $45

Your hand will look prettier with our artificial nail powder and nail extensions. Finish with regular polish. (Refill $30)

Dipping Powder Nails Set $45

The newest nail augmentation technology. It is thinner and lighter than the traditional powder (but still as strong) to make the nails look and feel as natural. The solvent liquid is almost odorless and non-toxic for our purer environment. (Cuticle work +$5. Tips +$5)

Solaris Pink & White Set $60

Your artificial nail sel will look even prettier with premium solar powder. Your base nail will be fortified with solar pink powder. French white tips are included. (Pink refill $35) (P&W Refill $45)

Solaris Glittering Stars Set $60

Similar to Pink & White set, but glitters powder is used for the tips to make your nails look more vibrant. (Pink Refill $35) (P&W Refill $45)

Gel Artificial Nails Set $55

Fortify your artificial nails set with gel polish to make it last much longer.
(Refill $45)

Ombre Full Set $60+


Classic Pedicure $30

Basic pedicure with lotion massage, cuticle work, and warm lowel mask. Finish with regular polish of choice.
(Callus Removal +$5)

Deluxe Pedicure $40

Enjoy a worthy upgrade from the classic pedicure. Scented sugar scrub is used to remove dead skin while our callus removal treatment softens your feel, especially the heels. Enjoying a wonderful relaxing time with hot rock massage & warm lowel mask. Finish with regular polish of choice.
(Paraffin wax +$5)
• Cucumber
• Lavender
• Lemon & Lime
• Pomegranate
• Mint
• Orange
• Rose

Organic Deluxe Pedicure $50

Enjoy a detoxification with organic materials to remove toxic substances from deep within the skin and invigorate the healthy skin. It also helps improve body circulation.
• Lavender
• Lotus
• Red Wine
• Hydrangea
• Lemon Grass
• Green Tea
• Jasmine
• Pink Peony
• Chrysanthemum

COSMO Deluxe Pedicure $60

A sweet retreat for your feet! A special sea salt scrub enriched with organic extracts exfoliates dead skin while invigorates healthy skin cells. Callus removal helps smoothening the bottom of your feel. Enjoy an astonishing massage with creamy butter hot rocks. Finish with organic lotion, paraffin wax and warm lowel.
• Pearl
• Green Tea
• Milk & Honey
• Mentha Fusion
• Sunshine Ouench

Lena Supreme Pedicure $70

Our signature premium pedicure with all the goodies a premium would have. Feel the joyful sensation of lingling bubbles of sparkling water and the smoothness of soothing collagen lotion, clay mask and warm paraffin wax.
• Orange
• Lavender
• Rose Gold
• Pearl
• Peppermint

Additional Services

Finger Nail Fix - Per Nail $3
Fake Toe Nail - Per Nail $5
Coffin, Almond, or Stiletto Shapes $5
Artificial Nail Removal $10
Two Toes Nails $15
Regular Polish Change $15
Gel Polish Change $25


Eyebrows Wax $12
Lips Wax $8
Chin Wax $10
Full Face Wax $40+
Eyebrows Tinting $25
Eyebrows Tinting & Wax Combo $55